Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bitter + Hatred = Revenge

All my friends would say I’m smart but when it comes to love, I’m such a big fool. Yes, I know I am. Sometimes, being fooled would lead me to depression and then bitterness, seeking for revenge. Why do guys love to lie? Why can’t they be contented with having just one woman in their lives (this doesn’t exempt married men)? I sought revenge. I’m happy I was able to get back at him. But sad because I know that it’s not good and I do feel a little bit guilty about it. But who cares? I really wanted to get back with him. I don’t want him to fool innocent young ladies out there. I’m good, I know I am. But I can be someone’s worst enemy if he/she had betrayed me. I get even. >:)

This has to stop. This will be the last revenge that I’ll ever make. But I really I feel good about what I just did.



Joni said...

So.. What did you do?? Tell us! hehe.

eys^ said...

yeah... move on!!

jireh said...

@joni - jons, forget na lng.. garbage na toh sa life ko :) new day today :)

@ace - yeah... move on.. completely...

Anonymous said...

Give yourself a time and space. I think that would be the best solution. If my ara new prospect, try to avoid it. Just prepare yourself, it would be very temping and hard to resist. Real friend and family will help you for sure. Life is very unpredictable path so be strong. Have a good day
- Vince
(Using Anonymous Name because no Account here,LOL)