Thursday, March 15, 2007

food trip + clean up project = happy me

This afternoon, one of my officemates jokingly suggested "mangaon ta, padeliver ta mcdo". Mangaon is a bisaya term for food trip. :) And even if I have a few bucks left that I've set aside for the next 5 days, I found myself giving in to their plea. :( I just can't resist it. So after 30 mins, here's what happened:

My tummy is happy :) hehehe... McDo's McChicken is my ultimate favorite!Ü But my pocket is empty :( What will I do now? Sin-o pwedeng magpautang? Hehehehe...

Now, because I'm full, I was able to clean my workstation with a happy face. My office table several weeks ago until yesterday used to look like this...

And just a few minutes ago, take a look at my newly cleaned office table :)

See what a full tummy can do :) Hehehehe :) And tomorrow will be a busy day. Our company's national accountant is here for audit. Whew! I will be in a hot seat for a couple of days. I'm quite anxious of what will be the result of the audit. Wish me luck guys. :)


eys^ said...

baw... daw mayu kaon ta aw?


sadya basta hagaray kaon... hehehe

wala pangindi-anay!! heheheh

daw tsoles man na gling ang mcdo?!

lol... sige lng ah... namit mn na gyapon! lol =P

Tonskie said...